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Ntlafatso ea St. Louis County COVID-19

DPH Communications Efforts Paying Off

Persuading a county of 1 million residents to change behaviors in a once-in-a-century pandemic is a tall order. But St. Louis County is up to the challenge, County Executive Dr. Sam Page said in a press conference this morning.

Dr. Page invited Spring Schmidt, deputy director of the Department of Public Health, to provide an update on DPH’s communications efforts in the pandemic. According to Schmidt:

•    DPH has created and disseminated public service videos, graphics, posters, flyers and other materials across the County encouraging vaccination and other crucial public health actions.
•    The department has conducted and arranged dozens of interviews with regional media partners.
•    Digital advertising connected to the ReviveSTL vaccine hesitancy campaign has reached more than 566,500 County residents so far, making nearly 8.8 million distinct impressions (chances to be seen).
•    More than 84 percent of County residents who clicked on a ReviveSTL video watched it to completion.
•    Television, radio and print advertising from the campaign is projected to have made more than 30 million impressions.
•    More than 25,000 people have visited the new website. African American audiences have been three times more likely to navigate to the site’s vaccination scheduling page than other users, and the numbers are growing.
•    DPH has launched the Barber Shop and Beauty Salon Initiative focused on North County small businesses, visiting 39 businesses and distributing hundreds of flyers and posters encouraging vaccinations.
•    The department has also created and distributed informational videos and conducted virtual town hall meetings involving church leaders and medical professionals in its Faith-Based Initiative.
•    County vaccination rates are rising faster in our most vulnerable communities than countywide. Our six priority zip codes in North County have seen an average 8.2 percent increase in vaccination rate compared to the countywide average of 6.3 percent.

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Wednesday's press conference by County Executive Dr. Sam Page and Spring Schmidt, deputy director of the Department of Public Health can be found here:

Holiday Closure

Reminder: The St. Louis County Department of Public Health offices, clinics and testing sites will be closed Monday, September 6, 2021, in observance of Labor Day. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.